Underfloor Heating

LIQUID / FLOWING SCREED is a blend of BINDER and selected aggregates mixed with clean potable water to produce a flowing pumpable screed (manufactured to BSEN 13813:2002) which is ideal for application over warm water and electric underfloor heating systems.

Key Features

  • Produced to a controlled flowable consistency to fully encompass heating pipes

  • Elimination of voids resulting in uniform heat transfer and maximised thermal efficiency of the underfloor heating system. • Reduced screed depth when compared to traditional sand cement screeds minimising heat storage, resulting in a floor which responds rapidly to user requirements

  • Extremely low shrinkage - will not curl and minimises the risk of cracking 

  • Does not require reinforcement 

  • Increased productivity - 500-1000 m2per day can be easily achieved 

  • Heating systems can be commissioned in accordance with BS1264:2001-4 clause 4.4, as early as 7 days after application of the screed

  • Minimal thermal expansion (0.012mm/Mk) 

  • Excellent thermal conductivity (2.2W/Mk)

  • Environmentally friendly

  • No curing required

  • Ready for foot traffic in 24-48 hours.

  • Self compacting – fully encompassing pipes/cables


Typical Installation Points

  • The area to be screeded must be made watertight to prevent leakage

  • The polythene slip membrane installed over the insulation must be overlapped and sealed to prevent loss of screed 

  • Pipes or cables must be securely fixed to prevent floatation and lifting during application of the screed 

  • Best practice is to fill pipes prior to application of the screed to check for leaks, this also reduces the risk of pipes floating whilst the screed is being poured 

  • Ideal flow 230-250mm measured using the DIN1060 flow ring 

  • Minimum cover to pipes or cables must be 30mm

  • If required surface laitance must be removed prior to commissioning of under floor heating to assist drying 

  • Heating must be commissioned in accordance with BS1264:2001-4 clause 4.4 and run in accordance with manufacturers instructions to accelerate force drying of the screed prior to application of the floor finish 

  • Screed moisture content must be a maximum of 0.5% and 1.0% respectively prior to application of subsequent impermeable and permeable floor coverings 

  • We recommend the use of floor thermostats with electric under floor heating elements