Underfloor Heating

We have fully qualified specialist installers who have experience in fitting all types of warm water underfloor heating systems.

Why Choose Your Under-Floor Heating System From Central Flow Screed?

  • We can offer a totally bespoke service​

  • Fully designed to your exact requirement

  • Supply of al membranes, insulation, perimeter

        expansion strips and movement jointing

  • Our systems are manufactured by Roth the best in

         the business

  • We provide a complete package including screed


  • Everything taken care of with no fuss and to your

        program with no delays.

Most heating systems heat from the top down, which can leave us feeling uncomfortable. The heat generated by radiators is usually concentrated into relatively small areas, heating the air directly around them. The air then rises up the wall, along the ceiling into the center of the room. When it reaches the center of the room, it cools slightly, and then descends towards the floor. The result therefore, is a warm head and cold feet!


This method of heating gives under floor systems an efficiency advantage over radiators of as much as 26 per cent, with the lower running costs that implies. Further savings stem from the fact that the water, in an under floor water-based system, circulates at a much lower temperature than that used in radiators. Add to that the 2-3 degrees less ambient warmth that is required for comfort, due to the radiation nature of the heat, and the idea begins to add up to worthwhile savings, as well as energy efficiency.