The difference between liquid screed and concrete

Even though that ready-mix concrete and liquid screed are made from the same components, they are both different in their texture and what they are used from. In this blog post, we will be explaining the differences.

How are they different?

Ready-mix concrete is made at a plant and created to a client’s individual specification. This is done by using specific measurements of aggregates, sand, water and cement mixed with any additives to achieve the required result, which could be faster drying times or enhanced strength.

Liquid screed is also made out of the above, but the difference is the amount and size of aggregates that is used. By using smaller and fewer aggregates it creates a smoother consistency which makes the screed more of a liquid. However, with bigger and more aggregates, it will make the concrete stronger which is typically used for structural building jobs.

What are they used for?

As they are both different, they are used for different purposes. Liquid screed has a smoother finish so is used for underfloor heating or as a protective layer over an existing concrete floor. This is because of the flowability of liquid screed, it leaves now lumps or bumps and if laid properly it will eliminate air bubbles and maximise conductivity.

Ready-mix concrete is used for different purposes in construction, it is used for pathways, driveways, cellar conversions, paving, conservatories and more. This will work best if you’re looking for something that creates a strong and long-lasting result.

If you are looking for liquid screed for your upcoming project, get in touch with our team today! We’re always on hand to help and answer any questions you may have.

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