Pros of using Underfloor Heating

If you want an equally warm home with no cool patches, underfloor heating is the perfect solution for you. Not only is it lovely to walk on but it allows you to remove radiators from your walls, which frees up space for windows or furniture.

Perks of underfloor heating:

· A suitably sized unit can heat a larger area than an individual radiator and it works at a lower temperature which will also reduce bills.

· Reduced wastage – your floors will stay warm even if the windows are open or the room is very draughty.

· Your feet will be lovely and warm so you can walk around without shoes all year.

· Heat is distributed evenly and consistently around each room.

· Don’t let radiators ruin your décor! With underfloor heating, you can save space for whatever suits your fancy.

· Underfloor heating can be installed below stone, tile, wood or carpet (as long as the carpet isn’t too thick).

· Underfloor heating may enhance your home’s selling price due to it being state of the art technology. This may attract buyers looking for a luxurious property.

Underfloor heating is extremely cost effective when warming a room which will help cut fuel bills. Unlike radiators, UFH provides greater comfort levels by distributing heat evenly and gently. As well as this, very little heat is wasted due to the warmth being concentrated to the lower part of a room. Underfloor heating is generally used in ground floor rooms, however there is a system to suit and type of floor construction.

Based in the West Midlands, Central Flow Screed is one of the UK’s leading installers of liquid floor and flowing screeds.

As approved contractors with the major screed suppliers we provide nationwide coverage and have over 15 years specific industry experience.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team now!

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