Need a liquid screed supplier in Shrewsbury?

Central Flow Screed & Underfloor Heating operate as liquid screed suppliers across the region of Shrewsbury. We have worked on varying project sizes ranging from small to large loads, as well as in restricted access locations too. Across the UK and Shrewsbury, Central Flow Screed & Underfloor Heating maintain a solid reputation as liquid screed suppliers.

Compiling an experience of over 10 years, Central Flow Screed & Underfloor Heating have continued to work effectively in Shrewsbury. We are trusted and chosen as the preferred liquid screed supplier by our customers. Our team of fully licensed liquid screed suppliers work with customers within Shrewsbury and nationally too.

Choosing Central Flow Screed and Underfloor Heating for your next project offers many benefits:

  • Our contractors are personable, resourceful and dependable.

  • We offer the highest level of service as liquid screed suppliers in Shrewsbury.

  • Traditional sand cement screed can only be spread at 200 square meters per day whereas Liquid screed can be installed at 2000 square meters per day.

  • After just 24 hours of completion, liquid screed will withstand light traffic.

  • The screed utilised leaves a flawless finish.

  • We’re eco-friendly so a considerable amount of material is manufactured using recyclable materials.

To learn more about how liquid screed suppliers, Central Flow Screed & Underfloor Heating function as well as the process behind screeding, click here.

Want to get a free quote or more information with Central Flow Screed & Underfloor Heating? Contact us today! We’re conveniently located near Shrewsbury and operate across the whole of the UK.

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