Underfloor Heating vs Radiators

Central Heating with radiators was first introduced in the 30’s and has been used as standard heating in UK homes with no changes in the past 8 decades, but now underfloor heating is being used more in homes across the UK offering unrivalled comfort and luxury. We will compare the two systems and show you why we think that underfloor heating is the best solution for your home.

Heat Distribution

The way that heat is distributed throughout your home is determined by your choice of heating system.

Radiators work by heating the air surround them using convection, the air heated by a radiator rises up towards the ceiling and then once the warm air has cooled down it will then fall to the ground level to then be heated again. This creates hot and cold spots in areas, near the radiator will be warm compared to other areas in the room.

Efficiency and Comfort

The way that heat is distributed will impact efficiency and comfort of the heating system. Radiant heat will het objects directly and maintain the natural humidity in the room, but convection of the warm ait will reduce humidity making the room stuffy. If the whole floor of the room is heated, then radiant heat will spread evenly. Rising air temperature through conventional heating can cause discomfort and overheating, reducing oxygen levels and then breathing problems if the air is too warm.

Overheating is inefficient and expensive

Radiators are prone to overheating which makes your heating system less efficient, this will then mean that ventilation is then required causing the energy to be lost to the environment.

Seeing as radiators produce hot and cold spots, you will have to keep turning the radiator up to feel the heat, causing the radiators to create more heat and then reduce cold spots but it will make the radiator hotter.

Decorating your home

Underfloor heating will not take up any floor space as the heat source is in the floor. Radiator systems are too bulky and have to be inside the room meaning wall space will need to be allocated. If you have a small room, like a bath room, this could be problematic as you will need all of the space. By having underfloor heating you will not restrict the placement of furniture and it gives you full design freedom in a home.

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