Benefits of Liquid Screed over Traditional Screed

Thinking of laying a new floor surface or simply just revamp the one you already have? Before you start laying a floor covering you need a layer of screed first so there is no uneven surface. Central Flow Screed are experts when it comes to screed and there are two types that you can choose from traditional or concrete screed and liquid flowing screed. Either types of screed will make a massive difference to the final finish of your flooring.

Here are some reasons on why a liquid screed is better than a traditional screed:

Faster installation

Compared to concrete screed, laying liquid screed is a lot less labour intensive. The screed is a liquid and flows so it doesn’t take too long to install and is the preferred choice when it comes to the construction of floating floors.

Low shrinkage

Liquid screed doesn’t shrink or curl, because of this we can guarantee that there will be no cracks to the screed and your final floor covering will look stunning.

Quick drying times

One of the main benefits to liquid screed is that it dries very fast, in fact, you can walk on it after 24 – 48 hours after its application. This is one of the reasons why more and more people are looking to get liquid screed in their homes over traditional screed.

Underfloor heating

If you are looking to get underfloor heating in your home, then liquid screed is the best way to capitalise on this investment. When the liquid screed is poured it will thoroughly coat all of the pipes which eliminates air bubbles and maximising the conductivity of the system.


Liquid screed doesn’t require much depth so compared to standard screeds, the heat from the underfloor heating system will not have to travel through too much flooring.

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