Liquid Screed Suppliers in the UK

Central Flow Screed specialises in liquid screeds operating in the UK, operating in commercial, residential and domestic projects. Liquid screed flooring has revolutionised underfloor heating systems, producing a smooth and professionally levelled screed with a super quick installation.

We can cater to any sized project, whether it is an awkward or restricted area. We have found that liquid screed is a superior alternative to traditional sand and cement screed which has been used in the UK for over 20 years. Central Flow Screed use the latest levelling and pumping equipment with over 15 years’ experience using liquid screed. Our UK team are knowledgeable and friendly delivering great customer service at all times.

Liquid screed or flow screed is a screed in a liquid form that can be pumped onto ground that is 100m away or upper floors up to 5/7 stories high. Liquid screed can be supplied through a factory-mixed by manufacturers and then installed by our team to your UK property.

What is liquid screed?

Liquid screed is known as anhydrite screed which is a mix of binder and selected aggregates mixed with clean portable water, this will produce a flowing pumpable screed which provides a smooth and level surface.

Anhydrite screeds are calcium sulphate gypsum based not cement based, making them more sustainable and eco-friendlier. This is perfect if you are looking to get underfloor heating for your home.

Topflow Screed A:

We understand that sometimes time is time and there are too many project requirements, so you need a flooring solution that is fast and flexible as well as providing a high-quality service. If you use ordinary sand cement screed, then this will not deliver the speed or versatility that is needed compared to Topflow Screed A.

Topflow screed A is made with a unique synthetic anhydrite binder and is pumped for a fluid consistency.

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