How to Prepare your Flooring for Liquid Screed

Our liquid screed flooring is designed to withstand the most testing conditions and is ideal for people who are looking to utilise their underfloor heating or save on energy bills. The combination of materials which we use ensures that you are left with the highest quality concrete flooring and long-lasting results that come with a whole range of benefits. However, all of these benefits relies on you undertaking the right preparation work before we start the liquid screed process.

How to prepare:

  1. Remove any debris from the sub floor.

  2. Put in insulation in 2 layers and use dried sand to fill the void around pipes, this will make sure that this is level before installing the second layer of insulation board.

  3. Lay a membrane of 1000 gauge or thicker immediately under the pipework but above the insulation board as a slip layer.

  4. Install an edging strip around the edges and the corners of the wall, make sure that it is securely attached.

  5. Make sure that any shuttering across doorways or steps are fully sealed with expanding foam or mastic to prevent ay leakage after laying but before setting. Holes or pipe ducts through walls will also need to be sealed.

Common mistakes to avoid when preparing:

Measuring the space:

If you have a sub-floor slope or your flooring is uneven then this could cause unexpected differences in the overall floor level and in the quantity of screed that’s required, you will need to make sure you measure the room/area appropriately.

When measuring you will need to consider features like door openings, minimum thickness/cover and required differentials in floor height between rooms.

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