Leaving your underfloor heating on all day?

Underfloor heating is an extremely reliable source of heating your home, and although our systems will save money on heating bills, we’ll be looking into whether you should leave your Underfloor Heating on all day.

Yes – depending on the season!

In winter keeping your underfloor heating on will ensure faster response times when needed. Although it sounds uncommon to leave the heating on when no one’s home, Underfloor Heating can take two to three hours to warm up to the required temperature.

This is due to the screed in which the radiant heating pipes are laid takes time to conduct the heat and radiate up through the floor to provide the air temperature you desire. However when left on a reduced heat it can make up to a comfortable level very quickly. We advise leaving the temperature on at a low level by using your thermostat effectively.

As our systems are accessible via remote devises and mobile phones you now have full control over your system, ensuring that you’re not wasting any energy when not needed. You can therefore set your heating to warm up before you’re home.

It’s a good idea to reduce the air temperature to the mid-teens overnight with the help of your thermostats. Scheduling them to become warmer in the morning will give you a comfortable temperature to start the day and make getting out of bed easier.

During colder seasons it is definitely a good idea to limit the heat used in rooms that aren’t commonly inhabited (spare bedrooms, dining rooms etc.) and instead prioritise heating in communal areas.

A zonal control system will allow you to regulate the temperate of each room independently so you can enjoy the warming comfort of radiant heating where you need it most – without wasting excess energy elsewhere.

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