All Your Questions Answered About Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is an electric cable system that sits directly under your floor, this will heat up under the control of a thermostat. This will take the chill of the tiles and create a primary source of heat for your room.

How to Use Underfloor Heating

Electric underfloor heating is controlled by a thermostat which regulates the floor to the required temperature set by you. You will also be given the option to program the times of when the heating comes on and off, depending on which thermostat you buy.

How Effective is Underfloor Heating?

Compared to normal central heating radiators, underfloor heating will evenly distribute heat through-out your room, give it a comfortable and adjustable room temperature, eliminate draughts and cold areas and give you a warm floor for comfort.

How Thick is Underfloor Heating?

The cables are only 3.5mm thick so you won’t feel the impact on the floor’s height. Low profile insulation can also be supplied at 6mm upwards.

Which Tiles are the Best to go with Underfloor Heating?

Almost any type of tile can be used. Porcelain, ceramic, slate, marble, limestone and travertine can all be used, as well as white and black quartz. With an extra 10mm layer of self-levelling compound with 150W cables you can use wood, laminate, carpet and even vinyl flooring. We can help and advise you on what would be best for you home!

What Temperature Should Underfloor Heating Run At?

You can run it at whatever temperature you would like. The thermostat will regulate the output of the heat according to what you set and once the floor has reached optimal temperature, the power will automatically reduce so the floor can remain constant.

When to Use Underfloor Heating

This is also down to whatever you prefer. For the average family, you will program it to come on for an hour or two in the morning before you wake up and whilst you are getting ready, and then it will run again in the evening when everyone gets home from work/school. Thermostats can be programmed to suit the needs of anyone and adjustable during the different seasons.

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