The Most Common Questions Asked About Liquid Screed

Liquid Screed is becoming more and more popular as a flooring material but there are many questions surrounding liquid screed for flooring and underfloor heating systems. If you are considering renovating your floor or starting a new project, then liquid floor screed is one of the most versatile materials. Here are some of the most common questions we get asked about liquid screed:

Why use Anhydrite Screed over Cement-Based Screed?

Anhydrite screed is a more common option over sand/cement screed due to the faster installation and drying times. It is also self-levelling and has minimal shrinkage. Anhydrite liquid screed works perfectly for projects that involve an underfloor heating system due to its faster drying time, fast self-curing ability and it being able to pump the liquid screed. Anhydrite screed is also more environmentally friendly than sand cement, it offers a friendly installation and there are no risks of cement burns for workers,

How Long can you Walk on Liquid Screed After it is Laid?

You can walk on liquid floor screed from 24-48 hours after the screed has been laid, this is better for projects where there are multiple tradesmen carrying out different tasks during a different project. This will make sure that the work is only disrupted for a minimal amount of time.

What are the Other Properties of Liquid Screed?

Liquid screed has greater compressive strength as well as greater flexural strength offering normal shrinkage, it also will not curl. You also need to take into consideration the various requirements for your flooring like load-bearing requirements and the type of finish you need to consider with your liquid screed floor.

What can you use Liquid Screed for?

Liquid screed is suitable for any internal application if you need a smooth and even surface. For domestic projects, liquid screed can be used for floors around different rooms in your property, it’s perfect to use for garages and outhouses. If you’re looking to use it for commercial use then it is best for shop floors, leisure centres and other areas where you might see extensive footfall, liquid floor screed can also be completed with a variety of finishes.

Liquid screed can also go with underfloor heating systems. Underfloor heating systems are perfectly suited for both commercial and domestic projects.

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