Can you Retrofit Underfloor Heating?

Warm water underfloor heating is one of the most desirable heating systems for a home as it offers a discreet solution with a comfortable heating profile. With a wide range of systems specifically developed for retrofitting now available, we’ve highlighted a few things to consider.

Is my property suitable?

When considering UFH insulation is the most important factor. This is because the level of insulation dictates the heat output needed to keep the property warm. All new UK properties will be suitable for Underfloor Heating, as they meet strict guidelines on insulation and air tightness.

Older properties can also benefit from Underfloor Heating thanks to retrofit solutions that offer higher outputs. These low profile UFH systems are ideal for older properties, where UFH would not have been a previous option.

Will I have to dig up the existing floor?

No, the purpose of retrofit UFH systems is that they are simply laid directly over the existing floor without the need for excavation.

Underfloor Heating works with most floor coverings, even carpet

This also includes; ceramic tiles, slate & limestone, engineered hardwoods, carpet & underlay, Linoleum and vinyl.

Advantages of retrofitting Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating frees up floor space by removing the need for radiators on the walls. It also offers the advantage of added comfort underfoot and works at a lower temperature than conventional central heating, therefore tending to cost less to run.

Disadvantages of retrofit underfloor heating

Underfloor heating takes time for the floor slab to heat up , this means that heat isn’t instant and you’ll have to time your heating.

Central Flow Screed and UFH have over 10 years’ experience operating within retrofitting so, choosing us as your liquid screed suppliers and UFH provider would be extremely valuable for your property, as we are highly trained professionals that can take care of all your retrofitting needs.

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