Everything you need to know about Liquid Screed

A well-laid screed floor can dramatically increase the lifespan and performance of your flooring, and with a professional finish and smooth level surface Central Flow Screed can provide you with satisfying results.

What is Liquid Screed?

Liquid floor screeds comprise sand a binder system based on calcium sulphate. It is designed to provide a smooth level surface and is easy to pump or pour and dries quickly. The advantage of liquid screed over traditional sand and cement screed is the quality of the finish; no matter what the imperfections of the concrete below the surface, the screed will provide a uniformly smooth and even surface.

The Advantages

  • The speed of liquid screed can be applied fast and can dry enough to walk on within 24-48 hours. It can also be force dried as early as 7 days after application.

  • The finish of liquid screed does not curl and has very low shrinking rates with little risk of cracking. The surface regularity easily achieves a smooth finish.

  • Application of liquid screed is suitable for floating floor construction and avoids the need for reinforcement, Th thickness of the application is considerably reduced compared to sand and cement screed , which leads to weight saving.

  • Liquid screed provides a perfect finish for fitted flooring in building development, renovation, and – due to its excellent properties of thermal conductivity it’s particularly good for underfloor heating.

  • Liquid screed is non-combustible and is protein free which ensures that harmful bacteria cannot be harboured.

Central Flow Screed and UFH have over 10 years’ experience operating within Bristol so, choosing us as your liquid screed suppliers would be extremely valuable for your Bristol property, as we are highly trained professionals that can take care of all your liquid screed needs.

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