Preparing your floor for underfloor heating

As Underfloor Heating installers we inspect and prepare your floor for any underfloor heating work. Here’s an insight in going about efficiently preparing your floor.

When installing underfloor heating we have two members from the team secure the pipe in position. The first person will be holding the pipe coil and unrolling it, with the second person, a couple of metres behind securing placing the pipe in the correct position. The pipe de-coiler is placed in another room where we pull the pipe as required. We then check which water temperature controls are to be used and where they are to be positioned so we can allow enough room for the manifold. We then check the position of the manifold and fit before laying the pipe.

It’s important to ensure the pipe doesn’t become twisted when handling as it can become awkward to install. The pipe will twist slightly on bends but the print line is a good guide to assist in laying the pipe. During cold conditions, installations and handling will be easier if the pipes are stored overnight in a heated room before installing. The avoid kinks, we pull the pipe to shape rather than bend and try and force it into position.

Central Flow have over 10 years’ experience as suppliers, so, choosing Central Flow as one of your liquid screed suppliers would be extremely valuable for your projects, as we are highly trained professionals that can take care of all your needs, no matter how specific or unique the job request may be, we’ve got you covered.

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