Making your home more economical with Underfloor Heating

Considering underfloor heating? We have many articles about the pros and cons but in this article specifically we’ll be exploring the economical benefit. Although Underfloor Heating may seemingly come across as luxurious and unnecessary to some, it’s actually a cost effective method that’s accessible to anyone.

Increased Heat Efficiency – Not only is heat distributed evenly around the room, but a system which is big enough to heat the whole room will be more efficient than the use of a radiator, this therefore reduces energy bills significantly. With our heating systems you can enjoy a room with no cold spots at a temperature you’re comfortable with. Therefore you can set a temperature that suits you to a time that suits you and not wasting energy when you’re not in the room.

Increased home value – If you’re planning on selling your home, underfloor heating is an extremely desirable feature to home buyers, so any property which includes it will be worth more when it comes to sell.

Renewable Technologies – Underfloor heating can be powered by renewable energy technologies such as heat pumps which are most which are more efficient at a lower temperature. A biomass boiler could also be used the same may even be supplemented by a solar thermal panel. Electric powered underfloor heating is also possible.

Maintenance free - Once installed underfloor heating is almost entirely maintenance free and systems are likely to last for up to 25 years. With no radiators there is more wall space and greater choice in where to locate items of furniture.

Less energy than radiators - Underfloor heating is normally efficient because it effectively turns the whole floor into a radiator. The large surface area means it doesn’t have to be a high temperature to warm the room – only a couple of degrees warmer than normal room temperature. It can be expensive to install (especially if retrofitted) but can lead to energy savings in the long run. It uses 15-40% less energy than traditional radiators

Contact us today and get your underfloor heating system installed ready for a cosy winter period - 01527 337023.

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