Choosing the correct floor type for Underfloor Heating

Here at Central Flow Screed & Underfloor Heating we are approved contractors with over 15 years specific industry experience. Therefore our team have developed an insight into what style of floor works best for every situation.

Tiles & Stone

Tiles , store and similar are generally accepted as the optimum covering. They absorb heat rather than insulate and allow that heat to radiate into the room.


Timber flooring will tend to insulate and reduce efficiency, but thinner profile engineered timber has little noticeable impact on heat output. Solid timber is notoriously tricky with underfloor heating – it needs to be acclimatised for around a month. Laminates and have a good structural stability that allows them to perform well with UFH without the risk of warping.


The Carpet Foundation have carried out a study which proves some carpets can be used with Under Floor Heating. The research showed that a carpet and underlay with a thermal resistance of less than 2.5 togs does not have a significant impact on efficiency.

How long after laying the floor covering/s should I wait until turning the UFH on?

If a tile floor finish or vinyl has been laid, it is best to wait between 24-48 hours before turning the UFH on to allow any adhesives to dry.

Ultimately, the efficiency and success of an underfloor heating system will depend on the quality and design. If the design is wrong it is unlikely that the homeowner will know until they have lived in the house for a whole heating season — by which time it might be too late. At Central Flow Screed & Underfloor Heating, we can provide a totally bespoke service that’s designed for your exact requirements. We offer a no fuss service with no delays or setbacks.

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