4 key benefits of liquid screed flooring

Liquid screed has developed into one of the main flooring options for internal areas. At Central Flow Screed & Underfloor Heating we specialise in liquid flowing screeds and therefore understand the benefits of and suitability of flowing screeds.

1. Easy Installation

A major benefit to homeowners is how quick and easy liquid screed is to install in comparison with other screeds. Not only does it require less manpower but it also requires minimal installation equipment other than prior preparation and a concrete pump, therefore a great hassle-free option.

2. Best option for Underfloor Heating

When pouring liquid screed it coats pipes entirely and eliminates air bubbles and whilst maximising conductivity. This is therefore perfect for capitalising on your underfloor heating system. Due to less depth required heat has less distance to travel, meaning that the heat transferal is more efficient.

3. Quicker drying times and reduced chances of cracking

If you want internal flooring projects to be undertaken in a speedy manor, then liquid screed is ideal as light foot traffic can be handled just after 24 hours. This means there are little to no delays in your home or building getting business back to normal. Not only can you walk on the screed within 24 hours but the screed is specifically designed to reduce the risk of cracking and curling.

4. Smooth and clean finish

Our liquid screed flows smoothly and provides self-levelling properties. Therefore the flowability also can reach the corners of your room whilst evening out any bumps on the surface of the floor.

Central flow screed and underfloor heating have fully qualified specialist installers who can provide a no hassle service. With over 15 years specific industry experience we can provide a totally bespoke service designed to match your exact requirements.

Contact our team today on 01527 337023 or email louise@centralflowscreedufh.co.uk

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