A complete package: Liquid Screed & Underfloor Heating

Central Flow Screed and Underfloor Heating provide an innovative screeding service through the use of pumpable liquid screed. This method has been developed for a fast, efficient and precise floor covering. This goes hand in hand with underfloor heating as the screed flows around the pipes, forming a void finish. This therefore allows greater conductivity letting the heat diffuse evenly within the screed.

Suitable for Underfloor Heating

Liquid screed is perfect for complimenting your underfloor heating system guaranteeing an improved thermal performance. Heat can be evenly spread throughout your room and through the use of liquid screed we can get the balance perfect for your situation. Our screed uses a blend of special additives, and selected aggregates mixed with clean potable water. This ensures a smooth and flowing screed. It’s designed to provide a smooth level surface in both commercial and domestic buildings prior to the application of floor finishes.

As approved contractors with over 15 years’ specific industry experience we can offer a bespoke service for your liquid screed and underfloor heating needs. We will leave your floor surface smooth, evenly distributed and ready for your floor finish. The conductivity of liquid screed is superior to sand and cement, making it the economic and ecological option for underfloor heating.

With underfloor heating booming in popularity, it’s effective and an efficient way to hear your home. It’s compatible with condensing boiling systems offering greater energy efficiency, and an added bonus of being able to remove radiators. Heat is evenly distributed by underfloor pipes and liquid screed removing the possibility of cold patches. The warm air will ascend losing approximately 2 degrees centigrade at 2.0 meters above the floor, making the system suitable for all ceiling heights.

We offer a complete package including screed installation and underfloor heating, taking care of the process with no fuss to your program with no delays. Contact our friendly team today on 01527 337023 or email louise@centralflowscreedufh.co.uk

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