Benefits to installing Underfloor Heating in the summer months

If you’re after an effective, long-lasting heating system that provides you with the ability to control room temperatures and comfortability, Underfloor heating is the solution for you. With the summer months now approaching, summer provides a good opportunity to install your underfloor heating system.

People often worry about installing their underfloor heating systems throughout the summer months because they are worried about incurring running costs, however don’t worry. Underfloor heating can be left to run autonomously, only firing up if and when they are needed. The great thing about underfloor heating systems is they give you the ability to control each room independently., leaving certain rooms off while they are not in use, or setting a temperature for the underfloor system to start warming up. When it’s sunny your warm water heating system remains dormant, however as soon as the temperature drops the system kicks in.

Another fact to take into consideration is the installation. By installing your underfloor heating system in the summer months, you are therefore ready for winter allowing you to relax in the warmth. Equally to this, the liquid screed drying time in summer is increased, therefore creating a quicker process when installing. It’s also recommended to install through summer as in the winter you may be at risk of no heating if that’s the time you’re trying to install.

As the weather begins to cool. Nothing beats the luxury of warmth underfoot – especially first thing in the morning. Due to UFH being energy efficient you can reduce current costs on radiators also allowing you to free up wall space and add value to your home. There’s no better time to get organised for winter.

Contact us today and get your underfloor heating system installed ready for a cosy winter period - 01527 337023.

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