Myths about Underfloor Heating Systems

Difficult installation

Some homeowners believe that Underfloor Heating is to tricky and inconvenient to install. However, Underfloor heating is not difficult to install as it combines the use of flexible pipes, which are laid on the floor in a bespoke manor to your room and are connected to the manifold. This contrasts with radiator fit-outs where installers have to hide pipes in joists and distribute down each radiator. This is time consuming and not actually as simple as underfloor heating. Under floor Heating can be installed, tested and commissioned in one single phase. It can take an average room to be fully setup in about 20 minutes, meaning an average size house can be installed in less than a day.

Expensive to run

Underfloor Heating is often mistaken to be a costly job. This is not the case, and many studies have proven that screeded UFH is more cost effective than conventional radiators. This is because UFH runs at a lower temperature of 45 – 55 degrees a radiator can be found running at 75 – 85 degrees meaning Underfloor Heating puts a lesser load on the boiler as compared to radiators. Due to the temperature control features of UFH you can be more energy efficient and therefore not burn costs whilst not necessary.

Pipes can leak

Pipes are most susceptible to leaks where there is a joint, but when using UFH we use a single pipe run to create individual circuits. Therefore there are no joins reducing any chance of leaking.

UFH will soon become the standard for heating homes because of the multiple benefits it offers to the homeowners. Thus it becomes ever more important for installers to clarify any myths they have in regards to Underfloor Heating.

To learn more about UFH installations send us your enquiries through our online contact form.

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