Underfloor Heating Systems in Summer

If you’re considering underfloor heating in the warmer months you probably are wondering if it’s worth it?

As we’ve already established in previous articles, Underfloor heating systems deliver effective, long-lasting heat which is why they’re becoming a favourite for households. With the ability to make your home more comfortable through effective temperature control, your home becomes more cost efficient due to reduced/controlled energy.

People often have concerns for installing underfloor heating during warmer months as they are worried about incurring running costs. However, there’s nothing to worry about as our systems can be left to run autonomously, only firing up if needed. They also have the ability to control each room separately, leaving certain rooms off whilst not in use, or setting a temperature for the underfloor system to start warming up. In other terms, when the sun is out your warm water heating system remains dormant, however as soon as the temperature drops the system kicks in.

The floor can also be cooled to a temperature cooler than the surrounding air, the floor would then absorb radiant energy proportional to the temperature difference between the surface and the room and therefore reduce the radiant air temperature more than the temperature of the floor. Unlike an air conditioning system, where the air is forced over a cooling element, our underfloor hearing system will pass chilled water from a ground source heat pump or an air source heat pump through pipes beneath the floor.

If you’re planning your underfloor heating installation it’s important to consider the process itself. Are you going to want to install your heating system in the middle of winter when you need it the most? We therefore recommend preparing your home for the winter in the months prior. This will allow you to rest your feet in your warm home precisely when you need to the most!

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