Liquid Screed that compliments your Underfloor Heating System

Central Flow Screed and Underfloor Heating offer floor screeding services through using innovative liquid screed. Through using our screed service we provide fast, efficient and precise floor covering. It is ideal for under-floor heating as the screed flows around the pipes, forming a void-free finish. This means there’s greater conductivity which allows the heat to diffuse evenly in the screed. This is known as liquid floor screed, self-levelling floor screed, calcium sulphate screed and anhydrite screed.

If you’re looking a screed that compliments your underfloor heating system, then anhydrite is a good place to start. There are multiple options available to give extra strength for shallower applications or guaranteed improved thermal performance.

Anhydrite flowing screed is designed to provide a smooth level surface in both commercial and domestic buildings prior to the application of floor finishes. It can be used bonded, unbonded or floating and with or without underfloor heating. ). Anhydrite screeds are calcium sulphate gypsum based not cement based, making them more sustainable and eco-friendly. They are particularly suitable to application as a floating screed and for use with underfloor heating systems.

We know how important time, here at Central Flow we can offer a range of fast-driving cement-based liquid floor screeds which offer drying time from 10 – 21 days dependent on your final floor finish.

Here at Central Flow Screed and Underfloor Heating we offer great flexibility with our screed services. We can pump onto both ground (100m away) and upper floors (5-7 stories high). Liquid screed or flow screed is supplied factory-mixed by the manufacturers and installed by our team, who are fully licensed contractors.

For a free quotation, expert advice and technical support please feel free to contact us.

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