Why Liquid Screed compliments Underfloor Heating

Liquid screed goes hand in hand with underfloor heating as the flowability of the screed allows itself to wrap around the pipework of your underfloor heating which will prevent air gaps. This therefore will maximise conductivity throughout the floor making your heating system more efficient. This is great because you will save more on your energy bills in the long run.

In comparison to sand cement base screeds, liquid screed is less labour intensive and is ten times faster than applying sand cement. Through the use of liquid screed, we can control the depth of screed and therefore increase the thermal efficiency of your property as you’re able to install much thicker floor insulation. Our liquid screed can be walked on 24 hours after the screed has been laid which causes minimal disruption to other trades that may be working on your site. Another advantage is that that screed can be force dried as soon as 7 days after helping speed work flow.

As well as liquid screed mostly benefiting underfloor heating systems, it also enhances the aesthetics of a room as it removes the need for radiators, which can block up space and look unappealing. Although flooring does not need to be covered with liquid screed, it is a highly popular flooring choice due to the fact that you can use liquid screed to level uneven structures.

At Central Flow Screed and Underfloor heating, we can guarantee a high quality finish with a minimal fuss liquid screed that will flow into any required shape, filling all gaps and voids improving surface regularity. Our screeds are resistant to curling and cracking, making it a durable alternative to cement and sand screed. Your flow will have an essential smooth and even finish that’s highly durable.

If you would like to learn more about liquid screed today, get in touch!

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