Why Underfloor Heating is over taking radiators

If you’re having trouble selecting an appropriate heating method and you’re tied between underfloor heating and radiators we’ve selected a few pros and cons to help you get a better understanding.

Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is an effective solution for heating your house without taking up space or creating an eye saw. This is due to the heating system being installed underneath the floor via pipework or electric mats concealed within the floor structure. There is a gentle heat that rises from the floor that steadily rises ensuring there are no draughts or cold areas. This creates a comfortable environment for the home user to control depending on their preferred temperature setting.


  • Underfloor heating operates at lower temperatures than radiators, making it more efficient.

  • You save space due to UFH being concealed within the floor also freeing space allowing you with more flexible furniture arrangements.

  • Heat is spread evenly through the space preventing cold sports and increases the comfortability of a room


The advantage of radiators is that they’re quick and easy to warm up and easy to control however the size of the radiator depends on the size of the room, the number of doors and the insulation levels and presence of external walls. All radiators are known for having specific heat output so once you know how much heat the room needs you can select the type, size, and style to suit the room.


There is an uneven distribution of heat which causes cold spots within a room.

They cool down quicker than underfloor heating

They’re less efficient and long term can be more expensive to run.

They take up wall space and can be problematic in smaller homes, which can also lead to a reduced aesthetic of a room.

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