Have you heard about our Cement based flowing screeds?

Here at Central Flow Screed and Underfloor heating we use our expert advice and knowledge to help tailor a suitable product to your requirements. With that bared in mind, it’s important to know that in some cases cement based flowing screed is more suitable that liquid flow screed. This job is more suitable to oversites, slabs, structural toppings and industrial floors etc.

We use Agilia Horizontal in order to produce a high quality surface finish that eliminates the need to power float concrete on site. This is due it’s self-compacting characteristics that will flow freely around congested reinforcement without the need for vibration or other energy output.

This has proven most applicable for:

  • Slabs, Residential dwelling oversite/slabs

  • Structural toppings

  • Commercial slabs such as composite deck construction (rib metal decking)

  • Low traffic industrial floor slabs

  • Mezzanine and office areas within industrial units

Using Agilia allows for rapid and effortless fabrication of slabs and floors whilst maintaining a high quality surface finish through Lafarge Tarmac Rheologic technology. This can eliminate power floating on site and improve productivity.

Through using our services we can offer potential cost savings as there is shorter construction time, reduced labour for placing, finishing and remedial costs. Due to the high surface quality there is less finishing required which is ideal for domestic flooring when laying carpet, tiles or wood. Consistency of finished appearance allows for enhanced design creativity including colour.

At Central Flow Screed & Underfloor Heating our cement based flowing screeds offer environment benefits including no vibration and noise reduction during placement. We can tailor compressive strength to your individual project requirements allowing for increased durability and outstanding architectural finishes.

We are based in West Midlands and provide liquid flow screed and concrete flow screed services throughout the UK. As approved contractors with the major screed suppliers we provide leading coverage to businesses nationwide.

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