Top 5 underfloor heating myths!

There are many benefits to Underfloor Heating, however along with all its pros, there are a few common Underfloor heating myths surrounding the instalment and running of the systems that we’re here to debunk.

1. Underfloor heating is left on all the time

The underfloor heating will only be on when required, our heaters can give hours of hear so it can feel like the system is on when really it isn’t. Through using setback controls, the temperatures will enable a quick hear up time to a higher required temperature to prevent large peaks and troughs.

2. It takes hours for underfloor heating to kick in

It’s only the initial heating up of the concrete that can take hours to heat up. However, correct use of controls will prevent the length of time it takes to heat up. Most screed systems take 1-2 hours to get to room temperature however you must take in certain factors such as concrete thickness.

3. Underfloor heating isn’t compatible if you have carpet.

It’s been proved by the carpet foundation and the underfloor heating manufacturers association that carpet can be used over underfloor heating systems without impairing the performance of the system. We recommend that you install a thin carpet/underlay for the most effective results.

4. Underfloor heating is prices like flooring (cost per m2).

There’s a whole variety of prices for systems, depending on the construction of the floor,heat source, installation type, new build and old build and the specific controls etc. However, underfloor heating isn’t priced like flooring and can therefore range depending on the different situations.

5. You can’t use Underfloor heating in an existing house

We have special systems designed to go over existing floors and some produce the output of a ‘conventional’ UFH system without needing to excavate the floors.

If you would like to learn more about Underfloor heating, please contact us today!

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