Benefits of liquid floor screed over traditional screed

Liquid floor screeds are pumped applied, creating a smooth and consistent floor surface, this also because the screed is a self-levelling synthetic anhydrite. Using anhydrite in the screed process provides many benefits over traditional cement methods. As experienced Liquid screed suppliers in London, we’ve put a list of benefits together.

As liquid screed suppliers in London, we can tell you that traditional surface screeds are labour intensive, whereas self-levelling, synthetic anhydrite screeds are known to provide a smooth flat surface.

Anhydrite screed allows people to walk on the floor as long as it’s only light foot traffic within 1 to 2 days. Traditional floor screeds can take 3 days or longer, this therefore provides quick access with little waiting delays.

In terms of performance, as liquid screed suppliers in London, we provide an anhydrite screed that will not crack or curl. When using traditional screeds this is known to occur and shrinking and cracking can be seen.

Drying times will always vary depending on the conditions of the site at work, however, 65mm of screed would take roughly 36 days to dry, whereas a traditional screed would take 65 days for the same thickness. As liquid screed suppliers in London we recommend liquid screed for a speeder yet smoother approach.

Another great benefit that our team of liquid screed suppliers in London recommend is the fact that there’s no waste left behind. Anhydrite screed is a very environmentally friendly product.

Compared to traditional cement, anhydrite screeds are far less labour intensive. This means that as liquid screed suppliers in London we can keep costs lower as methods of screed application contain less risk of injury, and our operation is safer and more secure than those of traditional screeds.

If you’re looking for liquid screed suppliers in London contact us today!

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