The Benefits of Liquid Screed Flooring

Liquid screed is becoming a popular flooring option for internal areas, here are some of the benefits of liquid screed flooring.

Easy to Install

One of the main benefits of liquid screed is how quick and easy it is to install it and liquid screed flooring can be installed 10 times faster than sand cement screed. It also takes less manpower and you don’t need a lot of equipment other than some prior preparation and concrete pump.

Underfloor Heating

Liquid screed flooring is the best way to capitalise your underfloor heating. When liquid screed is pouring it coats the pipes entirely which eliminates air bubbles and maximises conductivity. Seeing as the less depth of liquid screed is requires when compared to more traditional screed, heat has less distance to travel through the floor so it is transferred throughout the floor.

Levels Uneven Surfaces

Liquid screed reaches the corners of rooms and any bumps on the surface of the floor, this is because of its improved flowability and liquid state.

Dries Quickly

If you want your flooring project to be done as soon as possible then liquid screed is the ideal choice! It can handle light foot traffic after only 24 hours!

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