Underfloor Heating: Energy-Efficient Heating Solution

Through the installation of underfloor heating, the whole surface area of the floor will warm the air above the floor, this removes any possibilities of cold spots. As the warm air ascends the temperature roughly drops by 2 degrees centigrade at 2 meters above the floor. This makes the system more suitable for all ceiling heights. Through using underfloor heating, you can achieve an ideal indoor climate of 19 to 29 degrees centigrade, whilst the air temperature at head height ranges between 20 and 24 degrees centigrade. Through the radiant heat that is distributed evenly, Underfloor heating can save up to 15% of an average annual heating bill. This creates a comfortable overall room temperature.

How much can you save?

The UK Government study suggests that home heating accounts ffor 61% of average energy consumption. Underfloor heating can save up to 15% on heating bills due to its lower temperature operation. However, there is less heat loss through “transfer pipes” and less overheating of the room. It’s also important to understand that the system provides even heat throughout the room. Therefore, you can control the heat per zone.

Insulation Essential

In order to achieve the most benefits from energy efficient underfloor heating systems, you must consider the insulation running costs. You should not only insulate the subfloor where the system is installed to ensure low heat loss and that all heat produced is used to heat a room.

Based in the West Midlands, Central Flow Screed is one of the UK’s leading installers of liquid floor and flowing screeds. As approved contractors with the major screed suppliers we provide nationwide coverage and have over 15 years’ specific industry experience.

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