Liquid Floor Screed: Drying Times

Central Flow Screed are based in the West Midlands and are one of the UK’s leading installers of liquid floor and flowing screed. We provide nationwide coverage and have over 15 years of specific industry experience.

Similar to other screeds it’s important to ensure good drying condition are provided. Adequate protection from rapid drying or draughts should be provided for the first 48-72 hours. The relative humidity of the building should be low as this will allow moisture to be released from the screed and facilitate drying. If these conditions are not provided, you’ll expect prolonged drying times and which could cause delays in the construction schedule.

The best drying conditions would be a warm and well ventilated room, with this in place, the sceed roughly will dry at a rate of 1mm per day up to a thickness of 40mm, any thickness above would dry at a rate of 1/2mm per day. However, drying times all vary on the provision of ventilation. You should open doors and windows if the weather is dry and war, you can remove laitance and use dehumidifiers and by drying the floor through under floor heating.

Using assisted drying, dehumidifiers can be in procedure as early as 72 hours after the screed has been placed. Note that a closed system is recommended as to ensure that any moisture is extracted from the environment. In terms of force drying, screed can begin within 7 days after installation. You should use a temperature of 20-25C and maintain this for three days. You should now gradually increase the temperature to a maximum of 50C. This can be maintained over 7 days before turning the temperature back to 50C.

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