Looking for a liquid Screed Supplier in Leicestershire?

Central Flow Screed & UFH are a liquid screed supplier based in Leicestershire and the areas surrounding it. We will always work on projects no matter how big the work load is or how awkward the location may be. We maintain and keep a high reputation due to our specialist skill and knowledge on underfloor heating within the industry.

Central Flow Screed & UFH has secured a solid 10 years’ experience within the Leicestershire area and surrounding areas, therefore we have gained trust from multiple businesses and have been approved as their chosen liquid supplier. Liquid screed or flow screed can be supplied through Leicestershire factories liquid screed suppliers and installed by our highly-trained teams, who are fully licensed contractors.

Through using Central Flow Screed as one of your liquid screed supplier, you will gain main benefits to your business, such as:

  • Having a reliable work force that are well-informed and welcoming.

  • We deliver the highest level of service as liquid screed suppliers in Leicestershire.

  • Liquid screed beats traditional sand cement screed as traditional can spread at 200 square meters per say. We can install at 2000 square meters a day.

  • We have a variety of teams that can come out and cater to your businesses specific requests.

  • Liquid Screed will allow light traffic in 24hours of completion

  • Central Flow Screed & UFH uses a screed that has high flexural and compressive nature, which leaves a flawless finish.

  • Central Flow are extremely eco-friendly and a large amount of material is manufactured using recycled materials.

For more information about how liquid screed suppliers, Central Flow & UFH, operate and what happens during the process of screeding, read more here.

To get in touch with us for more information or a free quote, contact us today!

We will always ensure that each of our clients get treated as individuals, ensuring we work with you on a personal yet professional level.

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