Post Installation Products

From time to time we are asked about primers, sealers, tile adhesives, levelling compounds etc.

Whilst Liquid/flowing screed manufacturers do not give warranties on products manufactured by other companies, we are aware of a number of manufacturers who have a range of products or systems, which are usable or compatible with Liquid/flowing screeds.

Primers and sealers will usually be of the Acrylic or Epoxy type. In all cases, advice should be sought from the manufacturer.

Levelling compounds and tile adhesives, can be based on Cement or Calcium sulfate. Those products based on cement are usually part of a system which incorporates a sealer/primer designed to separate the cement from the calcium sulfate contained within the Liquid/flowing screed. 

Those levelling compounds based on Calcium sulfate usually do not need a sealer but will still require a primer in order to prevent the moisture being drawn into the screed from the levelling compound/tile adhesive, too quickly. (Often referred to as “suction”).

Again, in all cases, advice should be sought from the manufacturer.