Liquid Screed Suppliers in the West Midlands

Central Flow Screed operate as liquid screed suppliers in West Midlands that work with commercial, residential and domestic projects across the UK.

Working for over 10 years, Central flow are a credited business with a robust reputation in West Midlands and the surrounding areas, as the chosen liquid screed suppliers for various projects.


Central Flow have over 10 years’ experience operating within West Midlands so, choosing Central Flow as one of your liquid screed suppliers would be extremely beneficial to your project, as we are highly trained professionals that can take care of all your liquid screed needs in the West Midlands


Projects of all sizes and difficulties are not an issue as we are liquid screed suppliers whom cater to all awkward and restricted areas and locations in West Midlands. As liquid screed suppliers, Central Flow pump screed in liquid form onto both ground (100m away) and upper floors (5-7 stories high). Liquid screed or flow screed is supplied by some West Midlands factory liquid screed suppliers and installed by our teams, who are fully licensed contractors.

Using Central Flow Screed as one of your liquid screed suppliers will come with many benefits for your business such as:

·         We have a friendly and knowledgeable team that you can trust

·         We deliver the highest of service in the West Midlands

·         Liquid screed can be installed at 2000 square meters per day in contrast to using the traditional sand cement screed which is spread at 200 square meters per day

·         We have a high variety of teams that can come out and cater to your business

·         Liquid Screed will allow light traffic in 24hours

·         Central Flow Screed has a high flexural and compressive nature, which leaves a flawless finish

·         Central Flow are extremely eco-friendly and a large amount of material is manufactured using recycled materials

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