Advantages of Underfloor Heating

By investing into good flooring can add a lot of value to your property. We supply the best underfloor heating in the UK and our team uses highest quality products to make sure we achieve a top result. Underfloor heating is growing more and more popular as homeowners are now more aware of the advantages because it is now one of the UK’s fastest growing home improvement, if you’re considering underfloor heating then read on to discover some of the benefits… Efficiency: Underfloor heating is more energy efficient than radiators which becomes more cost effective. When installing your system it would be a good idea to run an efficiency test as this will examine the potency of your heating. By ru

Underfloor Heating vs Radiators

Central Heating with radiators was first introduced in the 30’s and has been used as standard heating in UK homes with no changes in the past 8 decades, but now underfloor heating is being used more in homes across the UK offering unrivalled comfort and luxury. We will compare the two systems and show you why we think that underfloor heating is the best solution for your home. Heat Distribution The way that heat is distributed throughout your home is determined by your choice of heating system. Radiators work by heating the air surround them using convection, the air heated by a radiator rises up towards the ceiling and then once the warm air has cooled down it will then fall to the ground l

Benefits of Liquid Screed over Traditional Screed

Thinking of laying a new floor surface or simply just revamp the one you already have? Before you start laying a floor covering you need a layer of screed first so there is no uneven surface. Central Flow Screed are experts when it comes to screed and there are two types that you can choose from traditional or concrete screed and liquid flowing screed. Either types of screed will make a massive difference to the final finish of your flooring. Here are some reasons on why a liquid screed is better than a traditional screed: Faster installation Compared to concrete screed, laying liquid screed is a lot less labour intensive. The screed is a liquid and flows so it doesn’t take too long to insta

Liquid Screed Suppliers in the UK

Central Flow Screed specialises in liquid screeds operating in the UK, operating in commercial, residential and domestic projects. Liquid screed flooring has revolutionised underfloor heating systems, producing a smooth and professionally levelled screed with a super quick installation. We can cater to any sized project, whether it is an awkward or restricted area. We have found that liquid screed is a superior alternative to traditional sand and cement screed which has been used in the UK for over 20 years. Central Flow Screed use the latest levelling and pumping equipment with over 15 years’ experience using liquid screed. Our UK team are knowledgeable and friendly delivering great custome

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