Everything you need to know about Liquid Screed

A well-laid screed floor can dramatically increase the lifespan and performance of your flooring, and with a professional finish and smooth level surface Central Flow Screed can provide you with satisfying results. What is Liquid Screed? Liquid floor screeds comprise sand a binder system based on calcium sulphate. It is designed to provide a smooth level surface and is easy to pump or pour and dries quickly. The advantage of liquid screed over traditional sand and cement screed is the quality of the finish; no matter what the imperfections of the concrete below the surface, the screed will provide a uniformly smooth and even surface. The Advantages The speed of liquid screed can be applied f

The History of Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating is said to have been inspired by the ‘hypocaust’ used in early Roman construction. The Hypercaust which derives its meaning from the Greek words ‘hypo’ (under) and ‘caust’ (burnt), is documented to be the earliest form of underfloor heating. It’s said that hot air from furnaces were used to hear the floors from below. The ancient Roman baths and buildings were typically built with empty spaces beneath the floor to facilitate the movement of hot air from burning furnaces to heat the floors above A closer version of the modern day underfloor heating system was the electrical heating system that came into vogue in the 1960s. Electric resistant cables inlaid in concrete were u

Experience Liquid Screed Suppliers, Bristol

Operating in commercial, residential and domestic projects across Bristol, Central Flow Screed and Underfloor Heating operate as experienced liquid screed suppliers holding a high reputation within the underfloor heating industry. Using Central Flow Screed as your liquid screed suppliers will come with many benefits for your Bristol based property as we have a friendly and well-informed team that you can trust. How does Liquid Screed work? As liquid screed suppliers, we pump screed in liquid form onto both ground (100m away) and upper floors (5-7 stories high). Liquid screed or flow screed is supplied by some Bristol factory liquid screed suppliers and installed by our teams, who are fully l

Preparing your floor for underfloor heating

As Underfloor Heating installers we inspect and prepare your floor for any underfloor heating work. Here’s an insight in going about efficiently preparing your floor. When installing underfloor heating we have two members from the team secure the pipe in position. The first person will be holding the pipe coil and unrolling it, with the second person, a couple of metres behind securing placing the pipe in the correct position. The pipe de-coiler is placed in another room where we pull the pipe as required. We then check which water temperature controls are to be used and where they are to be positioned so we can allow enough room for the manifold. We then check the position of the manifold a

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