Preparing your floor for liquid screed and underfloor heating

We provide underfloor heating systems that low in maintenance and efficient in cost. Once our systems have been installed it can be ran by itself. Any additional maintenance works that are ewquired will be carried out above ground at the manifold boiler position with minimal disruption. Preparing for installation The building is to be made weathertight i.e the roof and external openings must be fitted with final fixtures or clear polythene. You must add temporary formwork to the exposed edges (e.g. door openings or level changes). Make sure you clean the area ensuring that no dust or debris is hanging about. We recommend using polythene to separate the membrane, all heating piped should be s

Liquid screed drying times

There are numerous advantages to working with liquid screed. These can include its self-levelling qualities, blemish eradication and the efficiency of installation. The drying process of liquid screed is quicker to that of traditional screeding. This is due to the enhanced strength of the flow screed, making it more durable even when more thinly spread. Whilst the speedy drying times are fairly consistent, no two installation environments are the same. Therefore the drying will also depend on temperature, moisture and humidity. Three stages to the drying process: First 24 – 48 hours This is the most important period for the drying process. Once the pour is complete the liquid screed needs to

5 Advantages of Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is the perfect solution to a warm and cosy home. It’s soothing to walk on and as the heat is evenly distributed, you are no longer faced with cols spots, no matter which corner of the room you’re in, you’ll always feel the benefits. Benefits of underfloor heating systems 1. Everyone wants to be comfy in their own home, with underfloor heating you can walk around bare foot all year round – it’s also particularly welcoming for guests to your home helping create that desirable cosy environment. 2. More economical – with access to control the temperate of the room as and when, you can turn of your heating system when you’re not in the house, therefore making a saving on en

Making your home more economical with Underfloor Heating

Considering underfloor heating? We have many articles about the pros and cons but in this article specifically we’ll be exploring the economical benefit. Although Underfloor Heating may seemingly come across as luxurious and unnecessary to some, it’s actually a cost effective method that’s accessible to anyone. Increased Heat Efficiency – Not only is heat distributed evenly around the room, but a system which is big enough to heat the whole room will be more efficient than the use of a radiator, this therefore reduces energy bills significantly. With our heating systems you can enjoy a room with no cold spots at a temperature you’re comfortable with. Therefore you can set a temperature that

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