Benefits to installing Underfloor Heating in the summer months

If you’re after an effective, long-lasting heating system that provides you with the ability to control room temperatures and comfortability, Underfloor heating is the solution for you. With the summer months now approaching, summer provides a good opportunity to install your underfloor heating system. People often worry about installing their underfloor heating systems throughout the summer months because they are worried about incurring running costs, however don’t worry. Underfloor heating can be left to run autonomously, only firing up if and when they are needed. The great thing about underfloor heating systems is they give you the ability to control each room independently., leaving ce

Myths about Underfloor Heating Systems

Difficult installation Some homeowners believe that Underfloor Heating is to tricky and inconvenient to install. However, Underfloor heating is not difficult to install as it combines the use of flexible pipes, which are laid on the floor in a bespoke manor to your room and are connected to the manifold. This contrasts with radiator fit-outs where installers have to hide pipes in joists and distribute down each radiator. This is time consuming and not actually as simple as underfloor heating. Under floor Heating can be installed, tested and commissioned in one single phase. It can take an average room to be fully setup in about 20 minutes, meaning an average size house can be installed in le

Underfloor Heating Systems in Summer

If you’re considering underfloor heating in the warmer months you probably are wondering if it’s worth it? As we’ve already established in previous articles, Underfloor heating systems deliver effective, long-lasting heat which is why they’re becoming a favourite for households. With the ability to make your home more comfortable through effective temperature control, your home becomes more cost efficient due to reduced/controlled energy. People often have concerns for installing underfloor heating during warmer months as they are worried about incurring running costs. However, there’s nothing to worry about as our systems can be left to run autonomously, only firing up if needed. They also

Post Installation Guide Lines for Underfloor Heating

It is important to understand the post installation process in order to achieve the smooth level results desired. Lafarge liquid/flowing screed is a flowing pumpable calcium sulphate based screed that’s suitable for applications of all types of sub floor, underfloor and floating floor heating. 1) Keep the environment sealed Following installation, the environment must remain sealed for 2 days. The screed should be protected from direct sunlight and frost during this time. After this period drying conditions should be maintained, increase ventilation, and if possible increase room temperature to minimise drying time. Do not cover with polythene Storage of materials on the screed surface, a

Liquid Screed that compliments your Underfloor Heating System

Central Flow Screed and Underfloor Heating offer floor screeding services through using innovative liquid screed. Through using our screed service we provide fast, efficient and precise floor covering. It is ideal for under-floor heating as the screed flows around the pipes, forming a void-free finish. This means there’s greater conductivity which allows the heat to diffuse evenly in the screed. This is known as liquid floor screed, self-levelling floor screed, calcium sulphate screed and anhydrite screed. If you’re looking a screed that compliments your underfloor heating system, then anhydrite is a good place to start. There are multiple options available to give extra strength for shallow

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