Monitoring your underfloor heating temperature

It’s crucial to know the output of your underfloor heating system as this ensures your room is heated to the necessary temperature. There’s no point installing a heating system if you don’t know how to use. To therefore tell how much heat you need to heat a room, you’ll need to know the heat loss and then choose an underfloor heating system with a heat output to match. Size of the floor The size of the heated floor area is directly linked to the heat output as the larger the heated area, the higher the maximum heat output of the system. The size of the heated floor area in relation to the overall room size also affects the output as the larger the room gets, the higher the heat loss. If the

Screeding mistakes to watch out for

Screeding is when ordinary cement is a piled with water and graded aggregates to the base of a floor. This process is usually carried out to produce a solid sub-floor, which is then able to take on the final floor finish. Screeding is the vital procedure as it ensures a durable and smooth quality finish. It’s key to make sure your screed is installed appropriately as failures can be very expensive. For the best results avoid these common mistakes. 1. Inadequate mixing If you fail to mix the cement, aggregate, water and additive properly then small pockets of unmixed materials will form and stop the screed from reaching its full potential of strength and therefore can crumble under intense pr

Why Liquid Screed compliments Underfloor Heating

Liquid screed goes hand in hand with underfloor heating as the flowability of the screed allows itself to wrap around the pipework of your underfloor heating which will prevent air gaps. This therefore will maximise conductivity throughout the floor making your heating system more efficient. This is great because you will save more on your energy bills in the long run. In comparison to sand cement base screeds, liquid screed is less labour intensive and is ten times faster than applying sand cement. Through the use of liquid screed, we can control the depth of screed and therefore increase the thermal efficiency of your property as you’re able to install much thicker floor insulation. Our li

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