4 Key Steps to Get The Perfect Floor Finish!

The surface of a liquid/flowing screed must be prepared to receive subsequent floor finishes to minimise the risk of failure and ensure that a trouble-free installation results for the duration of the service life of the floor. In this article, we’ll be running over the four key steps to get the perfect floor finish, for a long-lasting floor. 1) Removal of Surface Laitance Occasionally it will be necessary to sand the surface of a liquid/flowing screed to remove surface laitance, however, it’s important to know that any laitance must be removed prior to application of an approval prime/sealer. It’s advantageous to remove the laitance at the early stages whilst It remains weak and friable,

Screed over Cement for your underfloor heating?

Liquid screed is the new alternative to traditional cement and sand screed. It is especially designed to provide a smooth surface in both domestic and commercial buildings, before the applying floor covering. Liquid screed has also become the proffered method to use when applying under floor heating. In order to gain a smooth level surface, it’s important to note that liquid screed plays an integral role. If you directly lay your new floor onto concrete, the results will most likely be uneven with imperfections. Liquid screed can cover a 100-metre square area within forty-five minutes, making this process quicker and more effective than conventional screed. Our highly skilled team of experie

Underfloor Heating: How it’s done effectively:

Liquid / flowing screed is a blend of binder and selected aggregates mixed with clean potable water in order to produce a flowing pumpable screed. This is ideal for application over warm water and electric underfloor heating systems. Underfloor heating will be effectively carried out through the screed being produced to a controlled flowable consistency which will fully encompass the heating pipes. As well as this, the elimination of voids will result in uniform heat transfer and maximised thermal efficiency of the underfloor heating system. At Central Flow Screed and Underfloor Heating, we use an extremely low shrinkage and therefore we minimise the risk of curling and cracking. Our environ

The Perfect Post Installation Guide Lines

It is important to understand the post installation process in order to achieve the best possible smooth level surface. Lafarge liquid/flowing screed is a flowing pumpable calcium sulphate based screed that’s suitable for applications of all types of sub floor, underfloor and floating floor heating. Here are our guide lines: 1) Keep the environment sealed Following installation, the environment must remain sealed for 2 days. The screed should be protected from direct sunlight and frost during this time. After this period drying conditions should be maintained, increase ventilation, and if possible increase room temperature to minimise drying time. Do not cover with polythene Storage of ma

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